How Music in Popular Games Influences Us

Sound Waves

Music works in an incredible way. It can change our mood, help to relax or make us more confident or balder. A favorite song can change the rhythm of our heart, reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and add some life even to dull and grey Monday mornings. If music is not a type of everyday magic, what is it then?

However, music influences us not only when we switch the radio on or put new dancing hit on our Smartphone. It creates a certain mood in supermarkets, cafes, city streets and even when we switch our favorite games on.

Scientists made an experiment; they showed the same video, adding different sound effects: cheerful pop music, tragic classic sonata, and thrilling music-like sound (the one like you often hear in horror movies).

When members of three groups were asked what they saw, their answers depended on music. The first group said they watched a beautiful inspirational video, people from the second group told that the video was nostalgic or very sad. They complained that the short movie made them feel blue or even upset. The third group told they felt tensed while watching the video expecting something tragic to happen.

Do you see? What we hear influences us not less than what we see: even if it's background music. Good reason to choose your radio wave carefully and a nice explanation while playing your favorite game with the sound off may be less pleasant.

Why Sound Effects In a Game Are So Important?

Sound Effects

When we choose a game, we are often hooked by its graphics. Bright images catch our eye and if they are combined with an interesting plot and smooth animation, the excellent game is found. What about sound effects? Some players may think it's not really important: in the case, the sound effects are not really nice; you can switch the sound off or switch your favorite music on instead.

However, gaming experts and experienced players are pickier. They believe that sounds are not less than 30% important for the level of satisfaction while playing. So, why the music and sound effects that are created for games are so important?

Game Collections with Interesting Music and Sound Effects

Game's Music

Digital games are never taken too seriously. However, they play a great role in our life. And they are more complex than people may think. In fact, digital games are a part of modern art that includes writing some exciting plots, painting great dynamic pictures and, surely, creating music. If you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, don't forget that it shall be a combination of all important elements.