Ken Hollyoak of Bristol

We recently received an "out of the blue" email from Ken Hollyoak in Bristol.  It seems he'd been scouting around the web and came up with our site.  He recalls that back in the Autumn of 1979 he attended a Pirates gig where 4 page leaflets of a promo for "Happy Birthday Rock n Roll were being given out - with a free flexi-disc band interview inside.   Ken says he went around after the show picking up spare copies off the floor !  I bet any self-respecting Pirate fan would love to know how they ended up on the floor !!  

Ken very kindly sent us two for our collection ( 'stops Dave and I arguing over who looks after it ) and Dave's currently converting the flexi disk to CD - we hope to include a sound-bite or two ( copyright permitting ) on the site soon.