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Back in 2004 Dave and I recorded an interview with Mick. Click above to read the transcript,

"Raspberry Ripple" - Mick stars as ageing ex-rock star Des Gilmour in this 20 minute epic.  It starts with him as a lad collapsing on stage at the Borderline and switches to present day being thrown out of the nursing home. He goes home with his brother - played by Jon McKenna -to be confronted by squatters next door and war breaks out between them !

An oldie from the archives: Mick and Ronnie Wood aka "Ventriloquist and Dummy" - don't ask me which is which !!





Mick & Mark Lamarr at Twickenhams Eel Pie Club in tribute to Ronnie Wood's brother, Art, who died of Prostate Cancer. Copyright OK magazine.

Some time back Mick suffered a heart attack whilst on stage with Bryan Ferry in New Zealand.  Lloyd, Mick's son, flew over there to bring him back after extensive treatment and a long, long stay. This photo shows them outside the hospital on the day he was discharged - also his 60th birthday


How about this for a little belter !! : Mick's grand-daughter Isabelle (Lloyd and Alice's daughter )